C. M. Sperberg-McQueen

This document list points to some of the documents I make available in this Web space.


XML and related topics

XML Schema-related topics

I include a couple papers here for which I am not, technically, the author, but in which I have a certain paternal interest.

Markup theory

See also the talk given at ACH/ALLC 2001.


Mostly slides from talks, in a few cases, post-hoc expansions or transcriptions from tape. In some cases, you can get a reasonable idea of what I said from my slides, and in other cases, not.

Trip reports

TEI Working documents

These documents were done as part of my work on the Text Encoding Initiative. (A lot of others will eventually appear here, when I get around to converting them into XML and making HTML versions to put here.)


XSLT stylesheets

Slides in TEI Lite

There have been some requests for the XSL stylesheet I use for my slides. I write my slides (like almost everything else I write) in TEI Lite, and after years of using an aging copy of SoftQuad Panorama Pro to project them, have changed to using an XSLT stylesheet in an XSL-capable Web browser to do so. If you want to look at what I've done and how it works, here are some pointers:

When giving talks, I currently use Galeon to display my slides; the one drawback is that in order to persuade Galeon to display any graphics I have to do a batch transformation to HTML, rather than displaying directly from the XML. It's a pain, but a manageable pain. Before moving to Linux, I used Microsoft's Internet Explorer for displaying my slides, because of its built-in XSLT support. These stylesheets worked with version 6.0; I haven't tried them with earlier versions. (Before using IE for displaying slides, I used SoftQuad Panorama [pause for teary-eyed recollections], but those stylesheets are different.)

Display of the post-schema-validation infoset

As a training and debugging aid, I frequently use the options on the xsv and Xerces-J schema validators which cause them to write out an XML representation of the post-schema-validation info set (PSVI), and then run that through XSLT to display the document in a Web browser: in the output, the text color reflects the value of the [validity] property on each element or attribute green text means it's valid, red means invalid, amber means unknown. The background reflects the [validation attempted] property: white background means fully validated, light gray partially validated, dark gray unvalidated.

For example, to use both XSV and XercesJ to validate the XML file theduck.xml against the schema pointed to by its xsi:schemaLocation attribute, I say simply

psvixsv theduck.xml
psvixercesj theduck.xml

The scripts cause new tabs to open in my Web browser window with the two PSVI dumps in XML (for exploration) and the HTML versions of the PSVI (for visual examination).

The things I use for this are:

Since I wrote these only for myself, I have not done anything to the shell scripts to make them system independent; you will need to adapt them to make sure the paths are right for your system. If you have trouble, please send me email and I'll try to help, within the limits of the time I have available and my deplorably short attention span.

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